Infiniti of Scottsdale

"Infiniti was introduced in the United States in 1989, by Nissan. The brand was to rival Toyota's "Lexus" brand and Honda's "Acura" brand. The rest is history.."

Infiniti of Scottsdale broke ground in 1988. Our dealership facility was designed and built as the prototype for the Brand's dealership network to follow. Ours was the first Infiniti building in the USA. Infiniti used our facility here for training. All initial dealer training, during the launch of Infiniti in the United States, took place here. Our first building, just up the street at 64th & McDowell, is still remembered often by hundreds of our customers from those days.

Once introduced, Infiniti sales began to grow rapidly following its original "rocks and trees" advertising campaign (and some would say, despite the "rocks and trees"). But it was the product that made the Brand. Introduction of award-winning models, like our original Q45, quickly made Infiniti a chief contender in the luxury vehicle segment of the American market. Since 1989, Infiniti has secured a permanent place among the finest luxury vehicles in the world, with almost 200 dealers in the United States, and more in many countries abroad.

Infiniti of Scottsdale opened for business at the Southeast Corner of 64th Street and McDowell Road on September 1st, 1990. Sometimes we say that we were the first Infiniti dealer in Arizona, but this is not technically not quite true. Our building was first, but actually the Culiver group opened an Infiniti store on Bell Road a few months before Infiniti of Scottsdale opened for business. Culiver’s people trained here.

Ken Schatzberg, who had been with Porsche, joined Infiniti of Scottsdale 3 months later. Ken’s career blossomed, and in 2001, he became our General Manager and Operating Partner. Ken’s influence on our dealership has been determinative. What we are and how we operate is a direct reflection of Ken and his style and his unyielding focus on happy customers. Largely because of Ken’s leadership, during the period 1996 thru 1998, Infiniti of Scottsdale placed at the top rank of Infiniti dealership sales, worldwide.


* Based on Sales Data from Infiniti Western Region.

Among our 100 dedicated Infiniti of Scottsdale employees today, Ken is not our only "original" employee. Joe Tesensky, our Parts Director, Bob McGinnis, of course, plus among our sales people, Marlon Darton, Ross Anderson, Pat Donohoe, Dennis Lowry and Sally Scardino - all of these critical people remind us of our heritage at Infiniti of Scottsdale.

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